Travel Vaccine near me

Find your local travel health and vaccination clinic. Search by your postcode to generate a list of leading travel vaccination clinics near you. Check the clinic details to find the right clinic for you and book an appointment online.

When should I book my travel clinic appointment?

It is recommended to schedule an appointment with a travel clinic well in advance, preferably six to eight weeks prior to departure. This timeframe permits for any necessary vaccinations, as some may require multiple doses administered over the course of several weeks.

Additionally, booking early assures availability at the clinic and allows for any necessary pre-travel health consultations. Do not wait until the eleventh hour to secure your appointment and ensure a seamless and timely journey preparation.

Which Vaccines do I need for my holiday?

Knowing which vaccines you need for your travel destination requires an assessment of the required/recommended vaccines for your travel destination as well as your past medical and immunisation history. It is recommended that you book an appointment with a travel health clinic where the healthcare professionals will provide advice tailored to you and your travel plans. You will also be offered the relevant vaccines and other travel essentials.

There are government websites that provide information about vaccination requirements for different destinations. You can visit the website by clicking here.

Why are travel vaccines important?

Travel vaccines play an important role in protecting you against a wide range of infectious diseases that are common in different regions of the world. Here are some main reasons why travel vaccines are important.

  • Important for preventing the spread of diseases prevalent in travel destinations.
  • They reduce the risk of contracting and transmitting diseases, thereby promoting individual and community health.
  • Vaccination prevents potential disruptions to travel arrangements due to illness.
  • Certain countries require proof of specific immunisations prior to entry.
  • Vaccinations for travel contribute to responsible travel by assuring a safer and healthier trip.
  • They safeguard both the traveller and the communities visited.

Popular travel vaccines

There are many vaccines available for travel purposes. The travel health professional will advise you on the vaccines recommended for your travel destinations. Some of the popular travel vaccines include:

Malaria prevention treatments

Malaria is a serious condition that is found in many tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world. It is transmitted through a mosquito bite and if left untreated it can cause serious illness and death. If you are travelling abroad, it is recommended to check the risk of malaria in the countries you are visiting. Book a travel clinic appointment for expert advice on malaria prevention and travel vaccines.

You can get antimalarial tablets from travel clinics that can reduce your risk of catching malaria. The antimalarial tablets are required to be started before your departure, during your stay in the malaria risk zone and after your stay. Therefore it is important to book your appointment early to leave enough time for you to take the recommended course. The travel health experts will also advise you on mosquito repellents and general advice on avoiding mosquito bites. Find out more about the antimalarial service here.

Hajj and Umrah Vaccine

Hajj and Umrah are pilgrimages for Muslims to Saudi Arabia, Makka and Madina to be more specific. Annually, over two million pilgrims visit Saudi Arabia from all over the globe. Those travelling for Hajj and Umrah are required to present a valid meningitis ACWY vaccine certificate. The meningitis ACWY vaccine needs to be administered at least 10 days before your entry into Saudi Arabia.

There are other vaccines recommended for travellers to Saudi Arabia that you may consider. Find out more about the Hajj and Umrah vaccination services and book your appointment online.