Find your local antimalarial service

If you are travelling abroad, make sure that you have checked the malaria risk in the region of the world that you are visiting. It is recommended that you consult a travel health professional to assess your vaccination and malaria prevention requirements. Simply search for your nearest travel vaccination clinic and book an appointment online. With clinics all over the UK, find your local travel health clinic.

What is Malaria?

In simple words, Malaria is a serious disease that is caused by parasites that are transmitted through bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes. Malaria is caused by five parasite species, two of which, P.falciparum and P.vivax, pose the greatest threat.

High-risk areas for Malaria

Malaria is mainly found in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Book a travel health consultation for expert advice, vaccines and antimalarials. High-risk regions for malaria include:

  • large areas of Africa and Asia
  • Central and South America
  • Dominican Republic and Haiti
  • Parts of the Middle East
  • Some Pacific islands

Main available malaria prevention treatments

There are two main antimalarials used for the prevention of malaria in the UK. A short consultation with the travel health expert is required to establish the suitability of the antimalarials for you. The two main types of antimalaria are Doxycycline Capsules and Malarone Tablets. The cost of the treatment depends on the type of antimalarials and the number of tablets you will require for your trip length.

You are required to start taking the antimalarial drugs a few days before your departure to the malaria risk zone so it is important that you book your appointment early to allow enough time.

Malaria prevention advice

As well as using the antimalarial treatment, it is also important to take active steps to prevent mosquito bites. During the consultation, the travel health expert will usually offer advice on the prevention of mosquito bites. They may also recommend a suitable mosquito repellant. You will also be able to pick up other travel essentials, such as sunscreen and travel sickness tablets.